Donate To Our Cause

There are many ways to help. Everything is appreciated and your donation allows local vets to participate in our various programs. All rehabilitative services are free to military personnel, Veterans and their families.


Sponsor a vet through the our equine empowerment program.

50 weeks of sessions, covering 5 phases of development.


Sponsor a child through our equine assisted learning program.

18 weeks of sessions, covering 3 phases of development.


Sponsor a community dinner.

Our monthly dinners allow our veterans to come together with others in the community. You can help facilitate them building strong bonds and successfully integrating back into civilian life.


Give a recurring donation to help in a variety of ways.

We are fortunate to be involved in the lives of so many of our area vets. Each month there are new activities and sessions, working towards the goal of a healthy & integrated veteran community.

We believe in transparency, that's why we choose to make our form 990-PF tax form available directly on our web site.

No need to call or ask, just download the form from the button on the right.

We upload each new year as it becomes available upon completion of our annual tax filing.